Kimmich barely dominated the ball and, with his head down, finished by cover. From outside the area. He covered up Bürki and scored the goal that ensured Bayern Munich’s most important victory in the current edition of the German Championship. It was no accident. In an interview after the 1-0 win against Borussia Dortmund, he revealed that he previously knew of the rival goalkeeper’s position.

“It was the most beautiful goal of my career. And, in addition, it was extremely important. I didn’t actually see (the goal). Before the start, we were told that Bürki likes to play early”, said the German.

The goal gave Bayern their 13th win in their last 14 Bundesliga games and put them seven points ahead of their rivals in the title fight. Kimmich celebrated the important result and does not believe that the lack of fans at the stadium was an advantage to the Bavarians. He even thinks that Dortmund has benefited the most from this.